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Accelerate your patent process.

Innovations often come in waves; every patent attorney can tell stories of similar patent applications filed within weeks or even days of each other. Accelerate past your competitors by identifying and protecting new ideas.

Trade secrets as an intellectual property tactic.

Some people think important inventions are for patents, while lesser ideas are for trade secrets. In our view, the opposite is true. When an invention is a good candidate, securing it as a trade secret is the first line of defense. Develop a fit-for-purpose trade secret policy for your organization.

Preparing for diligence every day.

Diligence begins when you form your company and continues every day. It’s the processes that you implement and follow to create and protect your legal and IP documentation. Let TechNomos help you highlight the legal and IP value of your company during diligence.


Protecting Innovation

Legal strategies for building value by protecting technology.

TechNomos is a law firm that exists to help clients develop and implement strategies for the protection of technical advantage.

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What We Do

Strategies for protecting innovation

Every client is different, and each client’s strategy should reflect that. We strive to understand your business and help you to develop strategies and tactics that reflect your objectives and stage of development.

Protecting inventions and ideas

  • Identifying inventions
  • Evaluating patentability
  • Preparing patent applications
  • Creating fit-for-purpose IP policies
  • Training IP savvy employees
  • Developing and executing IP processes

Assessing competitive intellectual property

  • Assessing patent landscapes
  • Evaluating infringement risks
  • Assessing patent validity
  • Monitoring and tracking competitor IP
  • Identifying licensing opportunities

Developing effective contractual relationships

  • Managing the contracting process
  • Negotiating IP-related agreements
    • Material Transfer
    • R&D Collaborations
    • IP Licenses
    • Supply
    • Confidentiality
  • Interpreting and complying with complex agreements

Navigating legal complexity

  • Finding win-win solutions
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Structuring complex contractual relationships
  • Managing diligence for M&A transactions
  • Writing fit-for-purpose policies and training employees
  • Managing grant-related IP obligations


Featured Insights and Resources

Building an intellectual property portfolio is a complex and strategic process. Our team of legal experts have expansive industry experience in protecting valuable ideas, and these resources are how we share our knowledge with you. Learn how to navigate the patent process with these key insights and best practices for innovating companies.

Preparing for diligence every day

Preparing for diligence every day

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Trade secrets are high class intellectual property

Trade secrets are high class intellectual property

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Accelerating Your Patent Process

Accelerating Your Patent Process

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