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Your strategic legal partner for protecting innovation.

What We Do

We collaborate with our clients to identify strategies, develop and implement processes, prepare and file patent applications, structure and implement policies, and negotiate agreements, all of which are aimed at protecting groundbreaking inventions, discoveries, and creations.

Protecting innovation, ideas and intellectual property.

Protecting innovation in a globally competitive world requires careful consideration of a variety of legal tactics, from patents to contracts. We aim to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ technologies and markets, with a view to growing value, enhancing protection strategies, and profiting from technology.

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Assessing competitive intellectual property

Technology-based competition requires not only a concerted effort to protect one’s own innovation, it also involves developing a deep understanding of the competitive IP landscape. We help our clients to analyze, assess and map out risks and opportunities posed by competitive IP.

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Developing effective contractual relationships

Innovators must engage with a variety of other companies and individuals as they seek to establish and maintain technology advantage. We assist our clients with structuring and negotiating contractual relationships from simple confidentiality agreements to complex collaborations and joint development projects.

Navigating legal complexity

Bringing it all together to establish a strategy-directed IP program with policies, procedures and a growing portfolio involves significant legal complexity. We work alongside our clients to help them understand the legal opportunities and pitfalls, and work with them to build fit-for-purpose IP programs that work for their technologies and stage of development.

Are you identifying and protecting your valuable ideas?

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Does your company foster an innovation-minded culture and are employees knowledgeable about IP?

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Do you have a consistent and reliable portfolio management processes?

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Do you have a consistent and reliable portfolio management processes?

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Are you using IP searching to its fullest potential?

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Do all of your employment contracts include proper IP assignment clauses?

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Do you have a planned filing strategy to maximize value of the IP?

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Do you schedule regularly reviews of the IP portfolio?

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Does your company have plans on how to handle IP risks?

Technomos can help

Collaborating with clients to establish and grow IP value is what excites us at TechNomos, Inc. Let our team assist you through the process of identifying and protecting your IP.